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Master of Science Degree Programs - Biofuels; Biorefineries; Related Technologies

This degree program will be replaced by the degree program "Biorefineries and Bioproducts"






The main purpose of the Master "Biofuels, Biorefineries and Related Technology" is to prepare specialists for industry, scientific research and education. This scope is determined by latest trends in the manufacturing and also due to the increased use of the biofuels at European and global level. These trends were determined by the current context of conservation of energy resources and the use of renewable natural resources by manufacturing biofuels and organic intermediates and reducing environmental pollution.

Skills and abilities acquired

The objective of this program is to develop competencies, knowledge and relevant skills for the graduates in order to respond properly to the labor market. This master program aims to develop competencies for one the most important industry field in Romania: materials and fuels for a sustainable development. The proposed curricula for master “Biofuels, Biotechnology and Related Technologies”, provides a better preparation for students to properly respond to the present and future challenges in new areas such as raw material resources and energy, biofuels, biorefineries, environmental protection, and the products quality.

The curriculum of the study program of the "Biofuels, Biorefineries and Related Technologies" research master was designed to have the study subjects in a natural order. This program is open for graduates in the field of chemical engineering and other engineering fields. This master also provide cognitive skills and practical knowledge.

Employment opportunities

Specialists trained in this master can handle a wide variety of jobs in various fields of technology and industrial biotechnology or related fields, such as:
- Profile enterprises (refineries, factories producing biofuels)
- Product quality control laboratories
- Educational, research and design institutions
- Equipments and products sale and distribution

Further professional development of graduation

Professional training of master graduates can be continued and developed by PhD programs. Some of the teachers who have teaching activities at this master program are also PhD supervisors.

Human resources and logistics for student education

The program is supervised by Department of Bioresources and Polymer Science.

Preparing of master students is based on a balanced structure of specialized personnel and laboratory infrastructure according to the current requirements (laboratory equipment, computers and modern software applications).

The teachers team involved in the teaching activities of the master program „Biofuels, Biorefineries and Related Technologies” efficiently combines the consistent and strong experience of senior professors with the enthusiasm and energy of younger teachers.


Curricula for this master of science degree program is available here.