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Bachelor's Degree Program - Engineering and Environmental Protection in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry


Environmental Engineering


The bachelor program “Engineering and environmental protection in chemical and petrochemical industry” runs in agreement with the teaching mission of educating and training environmental engineers as to be ready for interpreting the environmental legislation and taking decisions within the legal framework in order to minimize atmospheric pollution, managing rationally water resources and reduce pollution effects, minimizing waste, reducing soil pollution, understanding and applying appropriate remediation techniques. Graduates of this training program are able to use scientific and technical knowledge for integrating themselves in the technical-economical and social - cultural processes of the contemporary Romanian society. They are trained in order to fulfil the requirements on the labour market, as proved by the abilities acquired by the end of their studies.

The Education Plan consists of fundamental subjects: Mathematics, Inorganic Chemistry, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Basics in Chemical Engineering, Materials Sciences, as well as specialized subjects: Ecology and sustainable development, Chemical Technologies, Environment Chemistry and Biochemistry, Eco-toxicology, Soil Science, Pollutants Dynamics in Environment, Monitoring of Environment Quality, Gases Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Management and Treatment of Waste, Environmental Legislation.

The fundamental subjects are studied in the first two years, while the specialized subjects in environment protection are studied in the following two. The Education Plan is structured in subjects of general interest focused on aquatic, atmosphere, and geo-sphere and more specialized disciplines dealing with processes and techniques for atmospheric pollution prevention, wastewater treatment, recovery techniques.

Skills and abilities acquired

The graduates will acquire various specialized skills such as:
- solid knowledge about installations and basic equipment used for gases purification, as well as commissioning, exploitation, and maintenance of gases purification installations,
- managing specific technological processes for wastewater treatment, equipments included,
- reduction of contaminants, immobilization and valorisation of waste,
- utilization and management of clean electro-synthesis systems, electrochemical decontamination methods and techniques, metal recovery from wastewaters,
- familiarity with environmental legislation.

Employment opportunities

- environment consultancy and audit companies,
- environment departments in small and medium size private enterprises,
- administration – Environment Protection Agencies, Ministry of Environment, Environmental Guard, National Administration "Romanian Waters",
- environment oriented non-governmental organizations,
- applicative research in research and development institutes,
- public health institutions,
- technological design,
- education and higher education,
- inorganic chemistry organizations,
- quality management departments.

Further professional development of graduation

- completion of studies by a master degree in "Environmental Engineering" followed by a PhD degree,
- completion of studies by a master degree in ‘Analytical Control of Environment Pollution and Remediation Techniques’ or ‘Consumers’ Protection’.

Human resources and logistics for student education

The program is supervised by Department of Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Engineering.

All subjects in the Education Plan are taught by members of the academic staff holding professor, reader or lecturer positions, with a PhD degree in the field of the discipline they teach.

All disciplines in the Education Plan run in laboratories equipped correspondingly in terms of space and technical development, and permanently updated.


Curricula for this bachelor's degree program is available here.



1st year and 2nd year

3rd year and 4th year