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Master of Science Degree Programs - Expertise of Chemical Products, Food and Materials


Chemical Engineering




The new master program Expertise of chemical products, food, and materials is a complementary master taking into account the requirements lately imposed by implementation of European legislation in the Romanian legislative system concerning the competitiveness and quality requests of products. This determines the need for a high scientific-technical level training of new specialists that can be designated as experts: auditors, technical experts, inspectors, appraisers used to certificate the products and to solve the litigations or accidents generating expertise. Moreover, this specialization gives the opportunity to be an expert outside the workplace or during the free time, too.

Skills and abilities acquired

The curriculum of this master program provides a complementary training, a diversification of basic knowledge acquired by the graduates from any field (medicine, veterinary medicine, biology, economics, law, agronomy, engineering, etc.) in order to allow the flexibility of basic profile and an improvement of adaptation to new jobs.

The main objective of the master program consists of experts training by learning of specialized and interdisciplinary knowledge, so that these experts to be able to apply the concepts and working tools of quality management and audit in the field of expertise of chemical products, food, and construction materials.

Employment opportunities

Specialists trained in this master can be included as experts in the database of National Expertise Office or employed by the companies that need expertise and used for solving of litigations or conforming to the quality standards of new products.

Further professional development of graduation

Professional training of master graduates can be continued and developed by the doctoral studies. There are also Ph.D. supervisors among the professors performing teaching activities in this master program.

Human resources and logistics for student education

The program is supervised by Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry.

The training of master students relies on a balanced structure of specialized personnel and a material resource according to the current requirements (laboratory equipments, modern computers and software applications).

The staff involved in the teaching and research activities of the curriculum of master program Expertise of chemical products, food, and materials unites harmoniously and efficiently the recognized experience of professors with the enthusiasm, initiative, and adequately diversified specialization of younger colleagues.


Curricula for this master of science degree program is available here.